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11.30 am - 15.00 pm

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Aperol Spritz (50m l) £5.25

Martini Extra Dry (50ml) £3.95



Peroni (330 ml) £3.25

Cobra (330ml / 6 60ml) £3.25 / £4.95

Corona (330ml) £3.25

Becks (275ml) £3.25

Green King IPA (500ml) £4.50

Kronenbourg 1664 (275m / 66 0ml) £3.25 / £5.25

Kopparberg (500ml) £4.75




Smirnoff Vodka (2 5ml) £3.75

Grey Goose Vodk a (25ml) £5.25

Gordons Gin (25m l) £3.75

Bombay Sapphire Gin (25ml) £4.75

Hendrick’s Gin (25ml) £4.95

Bacardi (25ml) £3.75

Lamb’s Navy Rum (25ml) £3.95

Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila (25ml) £3.95

Jack Daniel’s (25ml) £4.50

Bell’s Whisky (25m l) £3.75

Jameson Irish Whisky (25ml) £4.25

Glenmorangie 10 Year Malt (2 5ml) £4.95

Mixer (125ml) £0.60

                  HOT DRINKS


Cappuccino £2.95

Latte £2.95

Hot Chocolate £2.75

Espresso/ Double Espresso £2.75 / £3.50

Americano £2.50

Traditional/Herbal Tea £2.50


Choose from English Tea, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Green, Camomile or Fruit tea



Amaretto Disaronn o (25ml) £4.50

Baileys Irish Lique ur (25ml) £3.25

Cointreau (25ml) £4.50

Grand Marnier (25ml) £4.95

Tia Maria (25ml) £3.50

                  SOFT DRINKS


Belvoir Elderflower Presse (250ml) £2.50

Coca Cola, Diet C oke (330ml) £2.25

Schweppes Tonic/ Slimline (20 0ml) £2.25

Schweppes Bitter Lemon (200 ml) £2.25

Ginger Ale (125ml) £1.95

Lemonade (200ml) £2.25

J2O - Mango, Apple £3.10



Orange, Blackcurrent, Lime £1.50


1. Marques de Calado Macabeo


A bright, youthful wine packed full of

ripe lemon, honeyed grapefruit, with

a dry and mouth-watering finish.


125ml Glass £3.50

175ml Glass £4.50

250ml Glass £6.25

2. Alfredini Catarratto Pinot Grigio


Light and refreshing. Faint hints of

stone fruit, joined by flavours of lemon,

lime and a honeyed edge.


125ml Glass £3.75

175ml Glass £4.95

250ml Glass £6.75

3. Viña Carrasco Sauvignon Blanc


Bursting full with grass, elderflower

and gooseberry flavours, this is a

youthful and invigorating white.


125ml Glass £3.95

175ml Glass £5.25

250ml Glass £6.95

4. Bantry Bay Chenin Blanc

South Africa

A fresh wine showing delicate floral

notes and subtle pineapple fruit, joined

by striking lemon and grapefruit flavours.


5. King Rabbit Chardonnay

South of France

Golden yellow; citrus, green apple, honey and

just a touch of thyme on the nose; rich and

juicy on the palate with beautiful acidity, rounded

off with a long finish of honey and hazelnuts.


6. Fernlands Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand

Wonderful balance between tropical and

herbaceous flavours. Gooseberry and green

pepper mingle with mango and guava.



7. Marques de Calado Tempranillo


Ripe dark cherry and soft raspberry are

complemented by cinnamon and clove

spice in this medium bodied wine.


125ml Glass £3.50

175ml Glass £4.50

250ml Glass £6.25

8. Viña Carrasco Merlot


Offers good concentration and depth of

fruit, with a soft and plummy texture,

and hints of vanilla.


125ml Glass £3.75

175ml Glass £4.95

250ml Glass £6.75

9. Under The Sycamore Shiraz


Silky smooth with lashings of Blackcurrant,

Bramble and white pepper.


125ml Glass £3.95

175ml Glass £5.25

250ml Glass £6.95

10. Three Realms Pinot Noir


Romania may not be the first place you think

of when you are looking to buy a Pinot Noir

but this has all the classic bright red fruit

flavours and spicy note you would expect.


11. Monte Lagares Rioja


Polished and fruity in style, with

redcurrant and strawberry flavours.

Overtones of subtle spice and vanilla.


125ml Glass £4.25

175ml Glass £5.75

250ml Glass £7.95

12. Beauté du Sud Malbec

South of France

Blackberries, plums and blueberries,

accompanied by a subtle touch of spice.

Juicy, smooth and weighty palate.



13. Marques de Calado Rosé


An intense pink wine with plenty of juicy

berry fruit. Strawberry and raspberry flavours

give this wine an expressive character.


125ml Glass £3.50

175ml Glass £4.50

250ml Glass £6.25

14. Blushmore Zinfandel Rosé


A fantastic example of an off-dry, easy

drinking wine full of summer fruit flavours

with a hint of sweetness.


125ml Glass £3.95

175ml Glass £5.25

250ml Glass £6.95

15. Torre Alta Pinot Grigio Rosé


A pale and delicate Rosé with beautiful

soft strawberry flavours,nuances of nectarine

and perfumed floral notes.


125ml Glass £3.95

175ml Glass £5.25

250ml Glass £6.95

Sparkling & Champagne

16. Philippe Dublanc Blanc de Blanc

Ugni Blanc, Airen

Fairly creamy, smooth and fresh with lingering

aromas – veryharmonious. Fine and elegant

bubbles on the palate.


17. Prosecco Corte Alta


Delicate and aromatic with fine bubbles.

This wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear

and an elegant zest.


125ml Glass £5.00